Friday, 2 February 2018

Is It Security or Solar Protection? Window Film Services Rise in the Philippines

Window films offer a world of benefits in residential and commercial settings. As more and more consumers realize the value of window film, Philippines businesses and homeowners are also increasingly becoming interested in their use around the home and their places of business. Safety and security films are typically installed to help protect building and home occupants from the harmful effects of UV rays and from the extreme temperatures that the heat energy from direct exposure to the sun brings. Apart from the solar protection window tints offer, they likewise provide additional security by acting as a deterrent against theft and unwelcome intrusions of privacy. It is precisely because of these benefits that window film Philippines services are becoming more and more in demand among home and business owners.

Also, popularly referred to as security films, window films have the unique ability to prevent all kinds of harm to you and your property. Security films and tints can help protect against theft, vandalism, privacy issues, and even from serious injury in case of window breakage. By installing window tints, you don’t only keep your home safe from unwanted attention from trespassers and intruders, you also help keep your glass windows intact in case of break-ins or any damaging impact. Window films can help hold the glass together, preventing shattered pieces from flying across the room, while also reinforcing glass to make it stronger against impact, be it due to nature or human intervention.

There are also security films designed with anti-graffiti and vandalism properties, making your windows resistant to vandalism activities. Apart from protecting your windows from UV rays, there are also films that offer anti-fog features, preventing glass and mirrors from fogging up because of extreme temperature changes. Window film Philippines services come highly recommended if you want to add protection and value to your property.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Can Home Window Tinting Lower the Average 31.3 Heat of Cebu City?

Windows not only help you have a convenient portal to the surrounding outdoors but also add distinction and a degree of elegance and sophistication to your home’s exterior appearance. On the other hand, window panes can likewise be great sources of heat loss as well as heat gain, depending on the weather. While it is easy to add window treatments like curtains and shutters to your window installation, these devices can only do so much to minimize the problem. What you need is a home window tinting solution that will make sure that your home remains energy efficient, regardless of the weather. Home window tinting is a practical way to create a sun-control barrier on your windows as well as to help manage security concerns. In addition to lowering your home’s temperature and keeping it at a comfortable balance between warmth and cold, below are other benefits of having your home window tinted:
  • Window tints help minimize AC and heat loss through your window panes. This translates to increased energy savings and lower electricity bills. Window tints minimize heat loss during the colder months, while also helping control heat gain during warmer days. 
  • By installing tinted windows, you also protect your interior d├ęcor and other in-home elements like drapes, carpets, and furniture from the harsh effects of constant exposure to UV rays. Keeping these things under the direct heat of the sun can cause them to fade and be sun-damaged.
  • Tints also help make windows safer, as they reinforce the glass, making them more shatter-proof as well as preventing injury and further damage from broken glass. 
  • Window tints also help increase privacy, by keeping prying eyes out. Tints help you maintain a clear view of your outdoor surroundings, while shielding your windows from prying eyes.
  • Finally, window tints can add a decorative element to your home. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017


Global warming is resulting now the presence of greenhouse gases within the earth’s atmosphere. These gases are responsible for trapping the environmental heat, which, in turn, makes the earth to be warmer. This phenomenon is most of the time referred to as the greenhouse effect. As per a survey done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased in the atmosphere by almost 40% since the pre-industrial times. The current level is higher than it has been in the past 800,000 years. This is why a lot of people in Philippines are opting for window tint. Window tint is applied to the glass to provide solar protection and increase the energy efficiency by helping to reject the heat in the summer as well as retain the heat in the winter. This further helps in reducing the greenhouse gases in the following ways:

•Less natural gas and electricity are used for cooling and heating

•Fossil fuel burning is reduced

•Less amount of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere

The best way to manage the entire unwanted solar heat gain that might enter your home in Philippines is by blocking it before it gets in. This solar heat can also wear off the flooring and furniture at a faster rate, which makes it even more important to get window tinting done.

One of the most effective ways for making your home and your office more energy efficient is by installing window tint films. This can reduce the amount of heat loss on the days that are cold as well as heat gain on the days that are hot.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

4 Benefits of V Kool Philippines Window Tints

Unlike traditional dark films commonly installed on vehicles, V Kool window tints use a completely unique technology, making it the first intelligent tint film with the ability to differentiate wavelengths within the solar spectrum. This spectral technology has revolutionized and continues to advance the window tinting industry. It is derived from a complex manufacturing process of embedding multiple layers of heat-reflecting materials to create the smart film. Below are benefits of V Kool window tints over traditional dark tint films for vehicles:
•V Kool films use wavelength selective technology, which gives it exceptional heat rejection properties without appearing dark or reflective. Traditional window tints are dyed and/or ceramic polished, causing them to absorb some heat instead of completely rejecting it. Although traditional dark window films have the ability to reject considerable amounts of heat, the amount that they don’t gets absorbed by the glass, making it hot, and adding to the temperature inside.

•V Kool’s infrared heat rejection properties keep both the interior of your vehicle and the glass windows at even temperature, which not only helps prevent intense heat build-up, but also prevents potential breakage or cracking of glass due to harsh and changing weather conditions.

V Kool tints use the same technology as air crafts and defense systems that have the ability to deflect radar waves. Originally designed for these applications, these tints now offer practical everyday protection for cars, while providing owners with a variety of texture types to suit their styles and tastes. V Kool tints come in metallic and matte varieties. 

•V Kool film is on a slightly higher price range than your standard dark tint, but it offers greater quality and durability, which more than justifies the additional cost. More than this, V Kool tint is a type of accessory you can have installed and then forget about, as it requires virtually no maintenance. 

Monday, 16 October 2017


Most people don’t realize the sheer risk levels of using glass panes in windows. Glass is extremely prone to breakage and when that happens, it shatters into hundreds of small, sharp, and lethally dangerous pieces that can pierce the skin of anyone standing nearby at the inopportune moment. Safety films are the most affordable and effective means for improving the structural integrity of glass surfaces. These films work as an additional protective layer on the glass that prevents it from shattering in case of an impact. If this solution sounds appealing to you, here are 3 tried and tested tips for buying safety films that will ensure you will get the right product for your needs:


The reason why you are choosing to install safety films on your windows will dictate the kind of product thickness that you should be going for. Thinner safety films are for installation in cases where the biggest danger you are facing is accidental glass breakage. In case, your requirements center around preventing break-ins and forced entry, you will have to choose the thicker, higher ply window film for adequate protection and performance.


The utility you will derive from your safety film will also be guided by the kind of windows that are installed in your home. These films need to be anchored in place with their edges secured on the glass surface to prevent it from pulling out on the corners. So when you choose to buy safety films, select a company that will help you assess and improve your window structure so as to help extract the best performance from this newly installed protective covering.


The next and most important factor to look for when buying safety films is the kind of warranty cover you will be getting with your product. Safety films are a relatively expensive product and it is important that you get adequate protection over this investment. Look for warranties that cover peeling, cracking, and discoloration of the film along with complete delamination.
Just look for the above-mentioned pointers and select the best quality safety films for installation in your building or car.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Find The Right House Window Tint Installers in 3 Easy Steps

Regardless of how snug or massive your home is, it is your refuge from the outside world. You need to protect the value of the property value and furnishings. Making it a secure and private haven where you can let your guard down, means finding the right house window tint installers. How do you go about selecting the best professional residential window film company? Read more about the three easy steps to check for a window tint installer that can make your home heavenly.

Step#1 Choose a Company That is a Specialist

While looking for a window film solutions provider, select the professional services of a company focused on window tints to ensure that you get the best results. Too many customers think of going to construction companies.  However, the choice is wrong. Informed, skilled and with plenty of expertise, a specialist can provide you the kind of services a generalist just cannot achieve.

Step#2 Pick a Firm That Has an Idea of the Latest Trends

If one is thinking about hiring a company that uses chemically dyed windows, it is a poor choice. You need a top rung firm that specializes in all kinds of window tint film to product metallized, hybrid, sputtered or ceramic tints as per your needs. They should also have state of the art technology that is patented for the best results. Window tinting companies that partner with top of the line film manufacturers offer the top most quality and the best brands for your home windows. 

Step#3 Check the Reputation, Assess the warranty

Whether you are given a warranty lasting decades or lifetimes, you need a company that can match your needs. Check if your newly tinted windows come with a warranty and test for expertise, skill, knowledge and confidence before you commit to a window tinting company. LA Windows has the expertise to offer you all of these.

A company that has been in the field for a long time has the experience that comes from knowledge and the expertise that enables them to offer superior services. Determine if the company provides window tint films that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally optimal. LA Windows scores on all points, making it the right choice for impeccable home window tinting solutions that don't let you down.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

3 Reasons to Have Your Car Windows Tinted by Skilled Professionals

The number of vehicle owners opting for tinted car windows have increased rapidly. While it may sometimes appear as an attempt to enhance the appearance of the vehicle, it is actually beneficial in many ways other than aesthetics. DIY window-tinting kits may appear as a cheaper option, but the result may be far from satisfactory. Here are compelling reasons why you need to have your car windows tinted by a professional.

Compliant with country laws and regulations on tinting –It is important to tint vehicles with films that are within the legal limits. And the laws governing tinted windows may differ from region to region. Experts in car window tinting have a good idea of the permissible levels of tints, ensuring that your tinting is compliant with local laws. 

Perfect Installation- An amateur may not perform a perfect installation which might end up with air bubbles and improper finish. More importantly, removing the existing window film is a tedious process calling for professional expertise and knowledge in removing adhesive. Professionals with years of experience are better equipped to tint the car windows without causing any kind of damage.

High-quality material - DIY tint kits purchased from stores may often be made from flimsy and inconsistent material. This is unmatched when compared to the professional grade used by reputed window tinting agencies. Professionals rely on high-grade tint kit which may appear comparatively expensive but will offer unbeatable quality.

Tinted car windows enhance the appearance and also offer protection from the harsh effects of the sun. Experienced professional use better quality materials and follow the process of installation with great care and expertise. Window films are actually not very easy to work with, as even the slightest wind can cause the film to get creased. It is also necessary to shield the films from dust and other fine material from sticking to the films once the protective layer is removed prior to installation. Experienced professionals are better equipped to install the tint without any creases and air bubbles.