Friday, 2 December 2016

Spectrally Selective Window Tint Films in Philippines to Boost Your Windows’ Effectiveness

Modern window films come in many varieties and types. Spectrally selective window films have the ability to differentiate between the different wavelengths of light in the spectrum and allow only some of them to pass through. Essentially, they act as photo filters that prevent certain colors of light from entering your car. They can thus block unwanted energy from sunlight. Since UV and IR are also parts of the spectrum, they can reduce the amount of heat and UV radiation too.

These window films can be chosen according to their spectrum selection specifications. The most widely used spectrally selective window films are those that are UV and blue light specific.

Spectrally selective window films that block the red and infrared end of the spectrum significantly lower the heat entering the vehicle interiors. They can reduce fuel expenses and increase the efficiency of your car AC. Such spectrally selective window films are better than most dark window films that reduce a large part of the visible light. Moreover, dark window films may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. Spectrally selective window films are elegant and are barely visible. Films that can filter out both the UV and IR spectrum are probably the most beneficial. You can have a comfortable and safe environment in your vehicle. Spectrally selective window films offer the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection.

Any dark window film and blocks most of the visible light is not spectrally selective film. The effectiveness of any spectrally selective window film is measured according to its ability to let visible light through while blocking IR rays. This provides a bright ambiance while also having heat rejection capability. An ideal film would be totally clear but still have the ability to block heat and excessive sunlight.

Spectrally selective films can be applied to a single pane and insulating fixed glass. If installed properly, they do not require any maintenance except regular cleaning with soap or mild detergents and water. They are also a good option to enhance the look of your vehicle without even making major changes to it. Such films will give your car windows a new look while solving the heat issue at the same time.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

L.A Window Films Provide Style and Elegance with the best Commercial Window Tints in Philippines

People who own a business or work in offices will understand that there are some areas that become off-limits because of harsh sunlight and heat. Every commercial building without window tints has some hot spots where heat is unbearable and the air conditioning does not work at all. This can make specific areas such as office lobbies with their expensive furnishings, conference rooms or busy office zones, very uncomfortable to work in.

In such cases, the best thing to do that is to install commercial window tints in your office. It will not only conserve the inside environment but also add style and elegance to the place. Good quality window tints are installed either on the outside or inside of the windows. They are able to provide 100% heat rejection and can block visibility from the outside. It does not matter what type of office you have and to which industry you belong. Window tints are not a luxury anymore; they are a necessity, especially for offices which are in warmer regions.

If used effectively, window tints can also add style to the look of your office, they provide sleek, executive and private look to your office. Window tints come in a wide variety of shades and finish. You can choose the one that goes well with the theme and architecture of your office. It adds a custom look to your environment. The aesthetic appeal of your office is highly significant in getting clients and partners. Tinted windows present a professional image rather than half-drawn blinds. Clients and partners always prefer doing business with a firm that has sleek interiors which represent efficiency and quality of services.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Commercial Window Tinting: Increases Comfort and Saves Money

Commercial window tinting is installed on commercial buildings and residential housing apartments and projects. Commercial window tinting offers good looks and also saves your money. High-quality window tinting can reduce up to 80% of the solar heat effect and reflect almost 100% of UV radiation. It also greatly reduces the amount of glare caused by sunlight. Window tinting maintains your privacy during the day and can reduce your electricity consumption by lowering the temperature by up to 15%.

Some important benefits of the commercial window tinting are explained here.

•    Save Money: No matter the size of the building, a balanced climate can cut your HVAC and operating costs significantly. You can immediately see your utility bills going down by using window tinting as it greatly reduces the effect of the sunlight and balances the temperature.

•    Comfortable work environment: Any working environment can be affected adversely by direct and reflected sunlight. It can cause glare, hotspots, heat build-up, and result in rapidly fluctuating temperatures. In such conditions, commercial window tinting counters the ill effects efficiently keeping employees, clients, and guests comfortable. It can greatly reduce the effect of UV rays, heat, and glare so that the working environment remains comfortable for everyone.

•    Interior Protection: Harsh sunlight can cause damage to expensive flooring, artifacts, and equipment. It can cause fading of merchandise, furniture, and draperies. Using window films as a protective cover from sunlight can save you from the problem. It will not only save your money but also give you peace of mind that your valuables are always protected.

•    Beauty: Windows and glasses are the most vulnerable parts of your building. Commercial window films also protect the glass from scratches and micro-damage caused by dirt, and outside debris. The films beautify the building as well. It improves the overall look of your building while ensuring its safety.

•    Privacy and Safety: Commercial window films also come in a thick protective variant that not only protects the glass but also ensures the safety of your building. This type of window film can hold the glass even if it is shattered. In working hours it can protect employees from sharp glass pieces in case of an accident and apart from that it safeguards your building from mishaps and thefts.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

Car Window Tinting – Why We Should All Have It

It does not matter how strong your car AC is or if you drive with your windows closed. Without car window tinting, your air-conditioning system may not be able to cool your vehicle interior efficiently, and you could be trapping more UV light and heat inside. High-quality window films for vehicles can prevent up to 82 percent of solar rays from penetrating through your windows, and advanced window films (i.e. nano-ceramic car tints) can reject up to 99 percent of UV light. With high quality window car tinting, you can minimize hot spots and the interior heat that tends to accumulate inside your vehicle, making your ride and your trip more comfortable while improving the efficiency of your vehicle's air-conditioning. In fact, car window tinting may help reduce cooling costs and improve fuel efficiency, too.

Car window tinting can be the solution that can reduce the fading of your car interior. By preventing UV light from entering your vehicle through your windows, the tint can significantly reduce heat, which, along with UV rays, can cause the fading of leather seats and other interior components of your vehicle. And since UV rays and heat are being blocked, you get an extra layer of protection against sunburn, unwanted tanning, vision impairment, and skin cancer.

Glare can be dangerous when you are driving because it can blind you. If you do not like to wear sunglasses, you can consider tinting your car with a film that effectively reduces annoying glare. The same tint will protect your eyes and reduce your risk of getting cataracts and permanent vision damage.

Car window tinting may add a layer of security and privacy to your vehicle, too. Thick, & safety car tint can prevent glass from shattering in case someone tries to break in, you get into an accident, or an object comes flying at your car. It may help deter robberies especially when thieves find it difficult to shatter the glass. The right car window tint may help aesthetically enhance your car exterior, too. Car window tinting in the Philippines carry a great selection of clear and dark colored tints in various shades to help you achieve the look that you want.

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Proof that Commercial Window Tint Film is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Window tint films offer a host of advantages not only for cars and homes but also for commercial properties. Modern commercial window tint film can reduce up to 98% of the harmful UV rays, 90% of the heat from the sun and up to 92% of the glare. Moreover, these films also provide you with enhanced privacy in the daylight.

The light transmitting ability of window tint films are different, and you can pick one that matches your requirements. The interior temperature of commercial spaces can be reduced by up to 15 degrees by using tint films in the windows of the premises. This in turn, helps in reducing the use of air conditioners and offers substantial energy savings. Moreover, the films also help in enhancing the comfort level of people working inside the building and make the property look visually appealing.

How do these films work?
Commercial window tint films are self-adhesive films that are applied to the glass surfaces in commercial buildings, cars and homes. They protect the interiors from the three components of solar radiation: infrared rays, UV rays and visible light. As these emissions fall on a window with tint film, almost all the UV rays are blocked while infrared rays and visible light are only allowed to pass in healthy proportions. The total amount of light and heat rejected by the film depends on upon the type of the film you have chosen.

Where to buy commercial window tint film?
The best way is to go online and start looking for a local dealer or a site that offers doorstep delivery. Among all the different dealers offering window tinting services, make sure that you choose the one that has a good reputation in the market. After selecting a dealer, contact them and ask them about the different types of films available for your commercial property. Compare the cost and features offered by different films to choose one that is well within your budget and perfect for you needs.

Commercial window tint films provide a host of advantages to the user. From huge energy savings to providing protection from the harmful UV rays, there is a lot that these tint films can do. Get in touch with a reliable seller and installer of these films and get the right type for your building.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

How to Get the Best Out of Glass Tint in Philippines

Glass tints are especially important in the Philippines where the sun is typically bright and blazing hot throughout the year. With the appropriate window or glass film, you can decrease heat, protect your skin, prevent heat and UV damage, increase the safety and security of your establishment, and save energy. Here are tips on how to get the best out of glass tint in the Philippines:

1.    Install them on all sun-exposed windows – Invest in high-quality glass tint especially if your home or building is constantly getting a lot of sunlight—whether directly or reflected from other surfaces. Modern and innovative window films are manufactured to reject up to 82 percent of solar energy to help decrease heat. This way, you can have a more comfortable indoor environment and reduce your reliance on air-conditioning systems. High-quality glass tints can block up to 99 percent of UV light that is often responsible for skin darkening and damage, as well as cause furniture and certain types of upholstery fabrics to fade.

2.    Increase your thermostat – When the windows of your home or business establishment is tinted, you can minimize cooling and energy costs. Consider investing in solar control films to effectively reduce your air conditioning usage and extend the life of your AC.

3.    Buy only a high-quality tint for your car – Consider installing car window tints that can reflect heat and UV light instead of absorbing them. That way, you can be sure that your car can maintain a comfortable temperature. This will improve your vehicle's glass mileage, too.

4.    Buy glass tint from the right retailer – Reputable glass tint providers in the Philippines can guide you when choosing the best window films for any application. Consider buying from a company that has at least a decade of experience and proven to provide reliable customer service to local clients.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Car Window Tinting for Safety and Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Investing in high-quality window tinting is a part of proper car maintenance. Not only can your car window tinting improve the safety of your vehicle—it can enhance energy efficiency and improve gas mileage, too. Reputable window tint manufacturers and retailers carry specially designed automotive tints you can use for a more comfortable driving experience. Working with them ensures a high-quality and efficient window tint that is cost-effective and suitable for your individual requirements.

Nano-ceramic clear films are among the best car window tints there is. Also known as metalized films, nano films offer both reflect and absorb solar energy, thus preventing too much light and heat from the sun from passing through the glass. Clearsky is one of the preferred brands in nano-tech car window films. It rejects up to 96 percent of heat without affecting visibility and clarity. It prevents infrared rays from going through windows, too. The nano ceramic construction ensures long-lasting car window tints with a sophisticated look. Nano-ceramic tints are signal friendly and will not block radio signals and GPS. They reduce hazardous glare and block 99 percent of harmful UV light. CST scratch-resistant hardcoat increases the longevity and durability of the tint.

Protective car window tints allow up to 80 percent of visible light to go through the glass, while serving as an invisible sacrificial layer to protect glass from scratches, tagging, and acid etchings. Likewise, it protects the glass surface from wear and tear. It can be applied with a thick nano-adhesive to further enhance the safety and to keep the glass together in case it breaks due to severe weather or break-ins. High-quality car window tints have built-in safety features that can block up to 75 percent of infrared heat and 99 percent of UV rays.

Be sure to explore the different types of car window tinting available from reputable companies that specializes in providing and installing window films in the Philippines. That way, you can learn more about which brand or type of tint is best for your vehicle.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Advantages of Window Tint in the Philippines

If you own a residence or a commercial establishment in the Philippines, window tinting can be a wise investment that allows you protect your property, belongings, and your health from excessive heat exposure. Installing a high-quality window tint can block almost 99 percent of UV rays and prevent damage to your furnishings. Be sure to work with a leading provider of window tint in the Philippines to get the best results.

Did you know that your furniture, curtains, walls, and d├ęcor can be damaged by the heat and UV rays of the sun? Worse, too much heat and exposure to ultraviolet light can affect your health, too. Without tinted windows, you could be letting in too much sunshine into your building, causing stiflingly hot surroundings. Your air-conditioning system might not be able to efficiently cool the entire area due to the constant presence of heat from the sun. This could cause you and your family or your employees and customers to feel uncomfortable. Having your windows tinted can be your first line of defense against health problems that are associated with heat.

Temperatures in the Philippines are known tip the scales, especially in the summer. According to PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration), Cabanatuan City's heat index—which refers to the temperature that humans feel or perceive— peaked at 52.3 degrees Celsius at 2 PM on April 12, 2016.  Temperatures in cities like Metro Manila and its business district often feel like that, too, especially in dense areas surrounded by concrete. Heat bounces off the ground and reflects into your establishment, causing your indoors to feel warmer than usual, as if you were in an oven. With tinted windows, you can reduce the amount of heat that enters your property.

The upcoming years are expected to become even warmer because of climate change. This makes window tinting essential for any property that wants to increase the level of comfort for its occupants. Apart from providing protection from heat and UV rays, window tint in the Philippines can add privacy to your establishment. Darker film may conceal what is inside from prying eyes outside, while reducing glare.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Instructions: How to Apply Window Tint in the Philippines

Window tint is more important than you think. It can offer extra privacy and security for residential and commercial properties and even lower your electricity bills. Tints are especially helpful during dreadful summers in the Philippines. If you think installing window films is a DIY job, think again. Many problems can arise due to unprofessional tinting or film installation. Contamination of dirt and dust or even hair can ruin your window’s film. Have professional and experienced installers do the project for you. They practice proper preparation and use application techniques that can prevent contamination and other issues, ensuring quality film installation.

Window tinting or the application of film is not a one-day deal. Proper installation can easily take several days as it is common for window films to form small water pockets or be slightly hazy once they installed. This is called ‘curing’ and is part of the adhesive bonding process. Depending on the weather conditions in your area of the Philippines and the film type, film usually cures within 30 days. The curing process can really take some time as the water pockets are removed through natural evaporation. The longest films to dry are heavy and sputtered security films.

After curing and once the film is finally dry, your windows will be safe to clean. No special cleaning supplies are needed; a small amount of soap and water will do. To clean your windows, do as you would car windows—soap and then squeegee dry using overlapping strokes. Normal strength window glass cleaners can also be used. Although tinted or filmed windows have scratch resistant coatings, remember that they are not scratchproof. It’s best to steer clear of industrial-strength window glass cleaners and abrasive cleaners as well as cleaning tools that can scratch films. It is okay to use cleaning products that contain ammonia as long as it is within a reasonable quantity and not left to soak on the tinted windows.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Facts on Using Window Films on Commercial Establishments

The window films are made using polyester and coated with a layer of materials like ceramics, dyes, carbon or metal to produce unique tints. It is not difficult to understand the science of commercial window tinting. It is a simple process of installing an extremely thin film on the glass surface of a window with an adhesive.

Once installed, a commercial window tint film causes a little haziness when looking through the window. This is common, and it occurs due to the process of adhesive bonding. This is part of the process of curing. Typically, the process of curing tends to be slow owing to the evaporation of liquids used in the course of installing the window film. A commercial window tint film will take 30 days to cure. The process depends on the type of the window tint film. Here is a look at some of them.

•    Deposited Film: During the process of making deposited films, a tank with nickel, chromium, aluminum or copper ingots is mixed with the window film. Then, the window film is put in a vacuum. After that, argon gas is forcefully passed over the metal in the tank. This heats up the metal ingots, their particles rise and get deposited on the surface of the film. If the coating of the metal particles is thicker, then the film will acquire a darker shade and take a longer time to cure.

•    Sputtered Film: To make sputtered film, 25 different metals can be used for sputtering the surface of the film. This helps in making the film much thinner and lighter. The technique of sputtering involves the coating of particles on the film using ionized gas on the metals. The sputtered film cures fastest.

•    Nano-Ceramic Films: The Nano-Ceramic window film uses innovative technology that carries with it all the advantages of both carbon and ceramic films. By reducing carbon particles down to nano scale, these films reduce the haze caused by its natural large size, while retaining its incredible durability. By encapsulating high purity ceramic particles, it further enhances color stability while maintaining high visibility. Nano-Ceramic film is an innovative product with improved visibility and durability with higher color stability and heat rejection compared to other window film on the market.

Apart from the types mentioned here, hybrid window tint films are also used. These films are made by mixing metals as well as dyes together. They are considered to be of extremely high-quality as it contains the best qualities of both metals and dyes.

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